Presenting the DU-107 Polychrome Soprano Ukuleles by Diamond Head

In any music store display, all eyes are drawn to bright, flashy colors! Our Diamond Head DU-100 ukes are available in eleven beautiful colors that will thrill all customers—kids will love ’em—grownups too! Once the crowds are at your uke display, they’ll notice the careful workmanship and hear the bright, pleasing tones of your Diamond Head ukes—they’ll feel how easy they are to play. When they see the amazingly affordable price, it’s a done deal— and they’ll leave with a Diamond Head Ukulele!

Traditional Look

Distinctive Design
Classic Design

Making its first major appearance in the USA at the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Fair in San Francisco, the ukulele continues to delight and attract fans of every age, gender and skill level. Little has changed in the design of these diminutive tonal powerhouses; which is a testament to the design perfection achieved right from the start. The most popular and often the most affordable shape continues to be the soprano size. It’s easy to carry, has that traditional sound and can be remarkably affordable, too.

Wood Selection

The Diamond Head Polychrome ukuleles collection was designed to be affordable without sacrificing tonal quality or playability. As a result, maple was chosen for these fine instruments and imparts a crisp, bright edge to the otherwise warm, airy island sound that is most familiar to all.


Normally, affordable ukuleles are often perceived to be more “toy-like,” than taken seriously as a genuine musical instrument. With Diamond Head Polychrome ukuleles, you can be sure that each instrument is constructed with the same attention to detail the one might expect in more costly instruments. From all angles, the construction is clean, and the fit and finish will exceed expectation.

Features and Fittings

The Polychrome Series is available in a complete rainbow of colors to assure mass appeal…each with an accompanying color-matched gig bag. The painted fingerboards have accurately spaced, smooth and polished frets, while the guitar-style, geared tuners are more accurate than planetary-style tuners; effectively taking the guesswork out of tuning.

Attention to Detail
Diamond Head Polychrome Soprano Ukuleles – Diamond Head brings the sound of the Islands to you!

The ukulele is the hottest selling musical instrument category out there right now, because they can be very affordable and pretty easy to play, too. All it takes is a few chord shapes and you are well on your way to entertaining your friends and family at any occasion. Of all the options available to the aspiring player, not all are created equal. Competitive brands have been known to sacrifice quality and function just to meet an affordable price-point. That’s definitely not the case with Diamond Head. Even our most affordable Polychrome models were designed to be fully playable musical instruments. Diamond Head ukuleles stay in tune, sound great and will inspire even the novice.

Key Features
  • Maple body
  • Soprano size
  • Scale length: 346mm
  • Painted fingerboard and bridge
  • Nickel-plated guitar-style geared tuners
  • Beautiful dark blue finish with matching gig bag

Product Features

  • Soprano ukulele in bright, fun rainbow colors for everyone to enjoy!
  • Quick to learn with easy to play 3 chord chart
  • Strong maple body and neck in addition to a clear, high gloss finish make for long-lasting durability
  • Equipped with geared guitar style tuners to ensure your uke stays in tune
  • Includes color matching gigbag for easy storage and transport
  • For more fantastic features, please see Product Description below