This flute offers an unparalleled balance of playability, strong beautiful tone, durable construction and affordable value. It has a silver plated headjoint and body and plays easier and with better tone than many flutes costing many times as much. All Di Zhau flutes are made with careful attention to precision in our factory in Tianjin, China. The workers are all superbly trained directly by Mr. Zhao. The flutes are all padded with Pissoni pads, and all pads are partially shimmed like professional flutes. All instruments are made to achieve smooth key action, fast response, and excellent resonance. All of our instruments are tested and adjusted by Di Zhao, similarly to the top professional flutes in the United States, before being shipped to you. Hand-cut headjoints with undercuts and overcuts make the sound quality full and easy to play. ALL flutes are tuned to pitch 442. The wood in our grenadilla flutes has been carefully selected, treated, and seasoned to resist changes in temperature and humidity.

Product Features

  • Fantastic playing ease and beautiful strong tone.
  • Solid construction.
  • Silver plated.
  • Convenient zippered bag and separate case.
  • Comes with wooden cleaning rod and cleaning cloth.