The American-made Goodtime 2 Classic banjo by Deering is an enhanced version of the ultra-popular Goodtime 2 Banjo. The Goodtime 2 Classic features a Deering shaped peghead, a warm brown stain with an elegant satin finish, planetary tuners and capoing spikes under the fifth string at frets 7,9 & 10. The rim is three-ply maple with a maple neck and the metal parts are nickel plated. The top frosted Deering head is 11 inch, high crown. The resonator helps project the sound forward for more power and drive desired by bluegrass and other styles of picking.

Product Features

  • Three-ply maple rim
  • Deering peghead shape
  • Planetary tuners
  • Warm brown stain
  • Capoing spikes on frets 7,9 & 10