Complete drum set ready to go out of the box, This kit includes all shells, hardware, throne, cymbals, stick bag, and 6 pairs of drums sticks.

The New Drum Revolution is here

It began in 1983 with the development of a radical electronic drum design incorporating traditional drum heads and high sensitivity piezo triggers. Re-thinking the way electronic percussion was sampled, triggered, and played, Ddrum allowed players to access a universe of sonic possibilities. Ddrum’s unique designs set a benchmark for innovation when our trademark red Acoustic Pro Drum Triggers were introduced.

The Ddrum Team has taken their passion for the perfect drum kit to the next level by re-thinking the acoustic drum set, creating instruments that truly shatter the mold of conventionality, and bridging the gap between craftsman and connoisseur.

D2 Features

  • Complete Drum Set – Ready to Play!
  • Cymbals, Throne, and Hardware Included
  • Self Muffling Bass Drum Heads
  • Pro ddrum Stick Bag
  • 6 Pair of ddrum sticks
  • 8 Lug Matching Wood Snare

Product Features

  • Complete 5pc drum set
  • Full Hardware Pack
  • Cymbals Included
  • 18×22 kick drum 8×10, 9×12 rack toms 14×16 floor toms 5.5×14 snare drum
  • Stick Bag and 6pr of sticks included