The Prophet 12 61-Key Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments is a 12-voice polyphonic synthesizer with 61 semi-weighted velocity sensitive keys with aftertouch. Each of its 12 voices is powered by 5 oscillators that provide saw, square, triangle, and sine waveforms along with 12 selectable shapes as well as 3 types of noise. The oscillators are further shapeable via their AM and FM modulation and analog VCAs. Beyond its oscillators, the Prophet 12 provides numerous options for sound creation. It includes 5 digital effects as well as analog high-pass and low-pass filters. The synth has no shortage of modulation capabilities, with a 16 x 2 modulation matrix with 26 sources and 97 destinations. The Prophet 12 has over 50 knobs and over 50 buttons that provide full access to all its parameters and effects, giving you hands-on control. The Prophet 12 has 5-pin DIN MIDI input, output, and thru and also accepts MIDI data via its USB port.

Product Features

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  • Filters1x Curtis 2- or 4-pole resonant analog low-pass filter per voice (self oscillating in 4-pole mode)1x 2-pole resonant analog high-pass filter per voice
  • Keyboard61 semi-weighted keys with velocity and aftertouch
  • Voices12
  • Oscillators5x DSP-based oscillators with per voice; 4 with hard sync
  • Waveform TypeSawtooth, square, triangle, sine (per oscillator)12x selectable complex shapes (per oscillator)
  • Generators3x Noise generators; white, pink, violet
  • VCAAnalog
  • ModulationShapeCross Modulation: FM and AM
  • Effects5x digital effects; girth, air, hack, decimate, and drive