This sale is only for the Silicon ring – not for the drum Playing the Darbuka is one thing, protecting your Darbuka is a totally different story. From our 10 years of experience and research we have learned that by the end of the first year of purchasing a Darbuka, 85% of them suffer from cracks , scratches and other forms of damage to the Darbuka’s surface. Almost 70% of the damages have been reported at the bottom area of the Darbuka, which is its most fragile and sensitive part. The Darbuka Defender is the perfect answer to this problems: a silicon ring combined with polyester that has been built especially to protect the lower area of the darbuka. It is a flexible ring that fits perfectly on the Darbuka’s base and provides protection to the most fragile area on the drum. Every Darbuka player who wants to keep his Darbuka in the best condition must have a Darbuka Defender. You concentrate on the drumming; the Darbuka Defender will do the rest.

Product Features

  • Video Example:
  • Will fit for Darbukas with a lower diameter (from side to side) of 7.66″ – 8.84″ (19.5 – 22.5 c”m). Fit Also for Sombaty, Sombaty plus and New Generation Pearls Darbuka
  • Made of top Quality silicon and polyester. Perfectly protects the most fragile area on the Darbuka.
  • 10 seconds installation.
  • Can be taken of and put on very easily.