Hand made D Z Strad Cello bow.

Stick: Pernambuco Wood
Hair: highly selected horsehair
Frog: Silver mounted ebony with abalone eye and slide
Button: three-part, nickle silver
Bow Style: Cello bow Stick wood: Pernambuco wood stick
Frog : Ebony frog flower inlaid
Total Length : 716mm /28.3 inches
Ornament: Black leather silver mounted
String: Quality A Mongolia Horse Hair
Size: 4/4 Weight: 80+-2 gram/2.9 Ounce

Product Features

  • Properly balanced for quick response and resiliency. Full Size 4/4 Features genuine white, unbleached Mongolian grade AAAA horse hairTraditional Frog made from Polished Premium EbonyCrafted with playability in a medium to strong range of stiffness