Our drums have amazing,clear,deep and rich viberational resonance with the power to heal or meditation.Music play, pure empty spirit, has the strong penetrating power, it is easy to concentrate, in the out-breath drums of ups and downs, the unity of body and mind, let a person into a state of extremely quiet, consciously awakening deep awareness, listen to the voice of the soul, in the boundary of ethereal back inside, are your partner in your heart .

Product Features

  • The Diameter is 19cm.
  • Includes:One drum,Two Free Mallets,One Free Travel Bag(color is random)
  • If there is any question,welcome to contact the seller.
  • A tongue drum is a musical drum that has parts of the exterior cut, or slit, to provide for a certain sound when the user strikes a portion of the drum. Our drum is made of a metal steel. Its design features a round metal surface with C shaped cuts, providing for a variety of tones.Usually, the way a tongue drum is set up, striking various parts of the drum will provide different tones for the percussion.
  • All steel tongue drums are proudly crafted with steel by handcraft. The maintenance free powder coating provides a beautiful easy to clean finish.So our bowl have perfcet sound.