Crush Drum’s Chameleon Ash Series features trans satin finishes that highlight the striking beauty of Ash wood grain. The interchangeable lugs allow you to choose what color combinations options best fit you. Each ash shell is created to Crush Drums’ highest construction standards. Double 45 degree bearing edges with outer edge round over ensures unrestricted tone from these ash shells. The edges are hand sanded and waxed to allow proper seating of drumheads allowing consistent and easy tuning. Metal shell hardware has been powder coated in black to accent the striking trans satin finishes. The Chameleon Ash has been upgraded with the Crush X Suspension Mount. The Chameleon lug was created as a three part system: The lug housing, the metal insert and the color insert. The strength and integrity of this lug is handled by the way the lug housing and insert fit together. The color insert is an ABS material and serves only for aesthetic purposes. All of these components together make a rock solid lug that is simple to customize without having to remove it from the shell. The Chameleon Ash Series offers an undeniably unique and appealing tone, with strong attack and warmth unlike any other drum set.

Product Features

  • 6 Ply Ash
  • Double 45 Degree Bearing Edges
  • Crush X-Suspension Mounts
  • Trans Satin Lacquer Finishes
  • Black Powder Coated Hardware and Hoops