Crossrock is a brand founded in 1998 and has been dedicated in great quality and affordable design of musical instrument bags and cases for almost 20 years. As an expert of musical instrument bags and cases, Crossrock offers a wide range of products with a variety of available sizes, materials, and protection levels, for all types instruments, and it makes sure almost all your needs can be found in one brand. The CRF1000TR case is designed for most regular Bb trumpets. The compact design and strong fiberglass shell makes sure its convenience and safety in travelling. The inside dimensions: Length: 47.5cm (18.7”) Width: 15.5cm (6.1”) Height (for bell): 15cm (5.9”) The outside dimensions: Length: 53cm (20.9”) Width: 20cm (7.9”) Height: 19cm (7.5”) The trumpet case weights 1.83kg (4lb) The package include: Crossrock CRF1000TR fiberglass trumpet case x 1 Backpack straps x 2 Key x 1

Product Features

  • Compact shape with super strong fiberglass exterior perfect for most regular Bb trumpet.
  • Accessory compartment with lid for mouthpiece and extras.
  • Thick padding all around to provide superb protection to your trumpet.
  • Neoprene anti-slip backpack straps with strong metal buckles.
  • Crossrock sturdy vinyl handle and 3 metal latches with key.