Warm Reminding: In order to avoid any mistake purchasing, please check the dimensions of the case to your instrument. Inside Dimensions: Overall length 1115mm (43.9in); Upper bout 335mm (13.2in); Waist 330mm (13.0in); Lower bout 410mm (16.1in); Body length 770mm (30.3in); Body depth 190mm (7.5in); Body depth with bridge 280mm (11.0in); Notch length 35mm (1.4in); Endpin length 65mm (2.6in)

Product Features

  • Super high quality ABS exterior material makes the case almost indestructible. You can even stand on it and walk on it.
  • 7 metal latches, 2 metal hinges and 2 sturdy molded handles keeps the case’s high level stability.
  • Velvet covered soft foam padded inside protects your cello all around.
  • Detachable accessory pocket, 2 bow holders and custom-made foam piece inside.
  • 3 Sturdy D-rings on back side and deluxe backpack straps with super high quality metal buckles.