Banjo case inside dimensions:

Overall length:107cm (42in);

Body diameter:36.5cm (14.4in);

Body depth (concave bottom): 8cm-8.5cm (3.15in-3.35in);

Body depth (with bridge):11.5cm-12cm (4.5in-4.7in);

Neck width (near the joint of body): 6cm (2.36in)

Height from the joint of body to ground: 6cm (2.36in)

Thickness of the foam core: 2cm (0.8in)

Item weight: 4kg (8.8lb)

Designed for both 5-string resonator banjo and other similar banjos like Gibson tenor. Can fit Deering resonator.

Because there are a lot of different resonator banjos in the market. Please check the inside dimensions before purchasing. Please contact seller for further information of the banjo case.

Product Features

  • Antiscratch ABS exterior.Sturdy and strong.
  • 0.8″ thick hard foam core inside with deep plush lining.
  • 4.3″ x 3.7″ accessory compartment with lid.
  • 6 metal latches and strong molded handle.
  • Strong backpack straps (can load at most 170lb pulling) make the case to be carried safely and easily.