The Cremona SV-175 is one of the worlds’ best-selling violin outfits and the reason is that it out-performs all the rest! Much thought and careful design has gone into the creation of this top-selling outfit and the value starts with a fully-hand carved instrument boasting rich tone and easy playability. The quality wood bow and lightweight case are well-matched to the violin and now, Cremona offers a bundle that includes three of the most-requested accessories. The sturdy and well-designed A. Breton shoulder rest offers a big range of adjustment to fit all players and supports the violin with maximum control and comfort. The heavy-duty VP-70 mute allows the player to practice at 3:00AM in an apartment with no complaints from the neighbors! The PT-1 electronic tuner is small, lightweight and mounts on the violin peg or scroll with a clip. A fretless finger guide transfer is included to aid the novice in quickly learning the positions and training the ear to achieve perfect intonation. This super-thin transfer is affixed to the fingerboard and is a boon to the beginning player.

Product Features

  • Cremona Violin has been a premium brand in the US market for more than 35 years. Completely set-up by skilled luthiers at our Cremona workshop in California, the SV-175 violin ready to tune and play
  • Genuine ebony fittings and fingerboard. Properly fitted pegs and composite tailpiece has smooth fine tuners for ease of tuning
  • Proper string action, low profile chinrest, oiled neck and well balanced bow all contribute to playing comfort
  • Hand carved, lightweight tone woods and US-made strings for better sound
  • The SV-175 bundle is a perfect start-up with everything you need: D’addario Prelude strings, fretless finger guides, shoulder rest, VP-55 mute, instructional DVD, rosin, upgraded case and better bow