Top: Sapele
Back & Side Board: Sapele
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Neck: Okoume
Peg: Full-enclosed
Product description
The coocheer soprano ukulele use sapele as the raw material , solid, durable, hardness. The touch feeling is excellent, smooth and neat surface, ensure you enjoy the music.
The coocheer ukulele offer great sound, great quality and great price.
The origin of ukulele
The instrument has long been associated with Hawaii, but its origins were actually in Por tuguese sailors bruoght a ukulele-type instrument called the braguinha to the Hawaiian Island. The native Hawaiians were impressed when they saw the speedy and intricate finger-work of the man palying the stringed instrument, they dubbed it a “ukulele” which means “jumping flea”in English Sometimes, it is also called a “uku”lele{oo-koo-ley-ley} in only a decade, it became Hawaii’s most popular instrument A ukulele is in the family of stringed instruments and looks like a small, four stringed version of guitar It is tuned and palyed just like a guitar, with tuning going from the top string to the bottom string using G C E and A on the piano, though the ukulele is usually tuned an octave higher than guitar. As so many people said, it’s easy to learn ukulele
Four types
the soprano,(21inch 53cm)
the concert ukulele(23inch 60cm)
the tenor(26inch 65cm)
the baritone(30inch)

Product Features

  • 1.Full body made by sapele: each piece of wood is highly demanding and carefully chosen, ensure the sound quality.
  • 2.High quality nylon string: soft and delicate feeling, full of elasticity, smooth and not scraped finger, In the tuning process, don’t worry about string too tight and cause fracture
  • 3.Excellent bridge: High density and hardness, empathy has better effect on the formation of the ukulele, long portamento and high stability, not easily damaged, durable
  • 4.Perfect size for beginners and children: The soprano ukulele is the size for beginners and children to practice ukulele, compare 23 or 26 inch ukulele , the soprano ukulele is smaller, suitable for children to practice, it can brings more comfortable playing feel
  • 5.A good ukulele for everyone: ukulele not only can play, but also can decorate your house, it is an artwork. Also it is a gift for family, friends, teachers, students. Share your beautiful ukulele get more clicks and thumbs