Concert Ukulele produces a deeper and louder sound than the smaller soprano, but still similar to the sound of the soprano.

Never too old to learn. Either elder or children, they can get started on learning ukulele.

Mahogany body (top/back/side) has a dark, warm and mellow tonality. Rosewood fretboard, dense wood, will not be frayed easily.

Dreadnougt mahogany body with matte finish, the most common shape among ukuleles. The sound hole has a decorative flower pattern.

Mini Ukulele: bring you so much funs at your spare time, a travel ukulele for adding fun to your trip.
Strap: Hang your ukulele onto your neck so that you can play the ukulele while standing.
Tunner: E-tuner is easy to handle and helps you easily tune your ukulele. Place the ukulele clipped on the head of the ukulele tunes beautiful very quickly.
Carrying Case: Keep your ukule safe and clean and keep it far away from the dust.
Cleaning Cloth: Ultra-soft cloth, great for wiping off dust, fingerprints, sweat, and grime.

Different size ukulele have different sound. Kids or adults, beginners or experienced player, All of them can play this ukulele.

Supermusic1989 offers 1 year warranty and lifetime service. If the product are damaged during shipment, please send us the email and take pictures, we will arrange a new one for you.

For the first time use of Ukulele, it may require several times adjustment of the strings to keep it tuned. After a few days of using, the ukulele will acclimate to the new environment, and it will hold the tune much better than your first use.

Product Features

  • MAHOGANY BODY AND ROSEWOOD FRETBOARD: Mahogany is a good type of wood choice for ukulele’s body for its soft sound. Mahogany generally imparts a darker and warmer tonality. Rosewood is dense wood, it’s rich coloration and figuring , used in fretboard and bridge, can add to the ukulele’s visual appeal.
  • STAY IN TUNE: Ukule needs to be constantly tuned for the first few days. After that it appears to hold a good tune. The tone quality of mahogany ukulele is nice and excellent. Dreadnought shape body with 4 Aquila nylon Strings create really clear and pleasant tonality. Geared tuners peg holds the tunes better than others.
  • 23 INCH CONCERT UKULELE: Concert size is the most common one and also the size that most people associate the ukulele with, it also makes that real typical classic ukulele sound. This travel ukulele has 18 brass frets with fret position marks at 5th,7th,10th, 12th ,15th and 17th frets on top of fingerboard. Excellent ukulele for kid as a birthday gift or christmas gift.
  • CAME WITH ACCESSORIES: Gig bag will help keep your uke safe from the perils of the road and protect your haiiwian ukulele.The ukulele tuner will help you tune the uku easily. The strap hook at the bottom of the sound hole and go down under the body where it finally loops around the neck or chest. Polishing cloth for cleaning. All these accessories are included in the ukulele beginner kit.
  • REAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: This ukulele starter kit is the real musical instrument, not a toy. The uke features a mahogany body and nicely shaped neck, which give it a great feel. It is a wooden ukulele for a beginner or a experienced player. Supermusic1989 also offer 1 year warranty and lifetime service. More choices: http://a.co/0D1EM8N.