It is the most traditional ukulele size. Its compact size makes it a perfect travelling companion.


Never too old to learn. Either elder or children, they can get started on learning ukulele. 


Mahogany body (top/back/side) has a dark, warm and mellow tonality. Black walnut fretboard, dense wood, will not be frayed easily.


Dreadnougt mahogany body with matte finish, the most common shape among ukuleles. 

The sound hole has a decorative flower pattern.


Different size ukulele have different sound. Kids or adults, beginners or experienced player, All of them can play this ukulele.

How to tune your ukulele by using a tuner?

1. Press the power button and hold 2 seconds to turn on the tuner

2. Clip the tuner on your instrument, adjust the tuner for best viewing angle.

3. Play a single note and the tuner displays the note name.

When the needle moves to the left side and LCD display changes to blue, it indicates the note is flat while the right side indicates sharp note.If it moves to the middle and the screen changes to green, the note is in tune.


For the first time use of Ukulele, it may require several times adjustment of the strings to keep it tuned. After a few days of using, the ukulele will acclimate to the new environment, and it will hold the tune much better than your first use.

Product Features

  • TRADITIONAL CONCERT-SIZED UKULELE–It adopts qualified AAA imported mahogany material for top, back, side and neck with matte finished, which provides a sharp-looking and comfortable feeling. The mahogany wood has a lower density, producing warm tone, bright high pitch and excellent portamento.
  • KEEP IN TUNE–The closed chrome geared metal tuning heads keep the mahogany ukulele in tune. They do an excellent job of locking the strings and will not slide. The metal heads will not crack easily, better than plastic one.
  • EVERYONE CAN PLAY. kids or adults, beginners or professionals, the ukulele is suitable for everyone who starts to play a musical instrument. Soprano ukulele together with the gig bag is your best choice.
  • PRE-STRUNG WITH AQUILA NYLON STRINGS–23 inch ukelele comes with premium aquila nylon strings installed on ukulele. The good quality nylon strings provides a nice sound for you.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY AND LIFETIME SERVICE–Strong wind ukulele offers 1 year warranty and lifetime service for customers. If the products are damaged during shipment, please send us the email and take pictures, we will give you a satisfied solution.