The CodaBow Diamond NX Carbon Fiber 4/4 Cello Bow represents the shared vision of master bow makers and professional teachers. Agile and accommodating, the CodaBow Diamond NX Carbon Fiber 4/4 Cello Bow elevates advanced players to new levels and brings out the best in your instrument. The CodaBow family of fine graphite-fiber performance bows represent years of careful study and evaluation of history’s greatest bows – bows from masters such as F. Tourte, D. Peccate, and J. Tubbs. Committed to the art of bowmaking, CodaBow has united time-honored traditions with the science of today’s advanced materials. The result are bows that not only feel and perform at levels that will please any player, they, also produces a sound found only in the finest pernambuco bows – a sound you need to hear to appreciate.

Product Features

  • 4/4 Cello Bow – Blended Kevlar Core – Stunning Graphite Diamond Weave Finish – Brown Tint
  • Traditional Frog made from Xebony Engineered Ebony by Walter Paulus – White Mother of Pearl Slide – Nickel Silver Inlay – Sterling Silver Winding
  • Nickel Silver Fittings – Moroccan Leather Grip – Simulated Ivory Tip Plate – Silver Medal Horsehair – Traditional Hand-Cut Wood Wedges and Plugs
  • 10-year Limited Warranty to Original Registered Owner. Bow must be purchased from an authorized CodaBow dealer.
  • Handcrafted in the USA! CodaBow Quality!