Market launch Excellent price / performance ratio! The Classic Cantabile Brass PT-196 is distinguished by its rounded balanced sound character and comfortable response. Good quality and intricate workmanship are down to the last detail. Through the multi-stage manufacturing process, Classic Cantabile guarantees for highest quality instruments at the lowest price. Sound:By using the highest quality materials, the Classic Cantabile Brass instruments provide a pleasant timbre in all registers. With such features, these instruments are at the top quality of their price range. Mouthpiece:The PT-196 can be retuned with an additional A-pin from B to A. With a 4 Valve, the tonal range is completed. Case:The Classic Cantabile PT-196 Piccolo Trumpet is supplied in a robust case. So your instrument is well protected during transport.

Product Features

  • Quality piccolo trumpet with professional equipment
  • Includes mouthpiece and case
  • The diameter from the bell is 100 mm
  • The bore is 11.7 mm in size