– Brand : CIEL
– Model : CFL 250K
– Weight : 1070g
– Material : Nickel Silver

– Body
– Hard Case
– Cleaner / Gauze
– Carry Stick
– Warranty

CIEL music is the musical instrument brand made by decadal effects and passions.
CIEL music’s president and executive team are composed by musical instrument specialist,
they keep launching customized product.
Give a pleasure to player with sweet sound and design it sturdily and preciously to use continually.
We are making a High quality musical instrument at reasonable price and sharing it to Worldwide people who love music.

Product Features

  • Tone : Offset G/A Key
  • Body construction : Nickel Silver
  • Auciliary Keys : Ring keys
  • Pad : Ltalian Pisoni
  • Head : Handmade Head