Item Description Country of origin: China Material of bottom: Lankao first class platane wood Material of head:Solid wood Material of back and side:Imitation redwood Frame Material:High quality Paulownia wood Material of string:Nylon-metal Material of bridge: Rosewood Instrument craftwork: Inscribe letters Type:sr-163 Material of board:Super board of Lankao Platane wood A whole set including (Chinese zither+Gifts) A set of Chinese zither 163cm Strings No.1-21 installed A set of rosewood bridge A piece of wench for adjusting strings A piece of waterproof special canvas bag Two desks of Chinese zither(Tall and short desk) Two sets of imitation nails A roll of special adhesive plaster of Chinese zither A piece of cleaning brush A piece of special tuner a piece A book for Chinese zither A music book desk No.1-5 string reservation

Product Features

  • Chinese Zither 163cm 21-Strings First Class Lankao Platane Wood Classical Musical Instrument