Product Name: Chime
Material: Alloy
Category: Musical instruments
Hanging form: Decoration
Style: Classical
Modeling: Animals
Place: Wedding, Home decoration
Decorative pattern: Calligraphy
Production method: Semi-manual Semi-mechanical
Color: Bronze
Size:7 chimes are 15inch long, 6inch high and weigh 630g.
       12 chimes are 11inch/15inch long, 10inch high and weigh 1000g.
Features: Double-layer Double Dragon Music Chime / Han Tang Chinese Wedding Props

Product packaging:
Single Carton Packaging

The chime is an important percussion instrument in ancient China, and it is a kind of bell.
The bells rise in the Western Zhou Dynasty and flourish in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States to the Qin and Han Dynasties.
The chime is organized in groups by a number of clocks of different sizes suspended in a wooden frame.
The pitch of each bell is different.
Due to the different size, the shape of the chimes is not the same, and the patterns painted on the bell have different scales.

After receiving it, please stand perpendicular to the beam and install the box in parallel with the beam.

Product Features

  • ♪PRINCIPLE OF THE CHIME – Generally, the bell is small, the pitch is high, and the volume is small; the bell is large, the pitch is low, and the volume is large.
  • ♪MENTAL CRAFTS – Using alloy materials, old treatment, quaint color, beautiful atmosphere.
  • ♪DETACHABLE DESIGN – Versatile, detachable for use as a single-layer chime.
  • ♪EXQUISITE PACKING – Beautifully designed box packaging, you can decorate your home, and you can also give gifts to relatives and friends.
  • ♪EXQUISITE PATTERN – Chime is different in shape and size, and the pitch of each bell is different, but the bells are painted with beautiful patterns.