In the west, the dragon was always portrayed as a monster. However, in the orient, the dragon is considered to be a universal symbol of harmony, virtue, prosperity, change, energy and creativity. Carved images of the dragon date back to the 5th century BC in China. The Tibetan term for the dragon refers to the sound of thunder. Its magnificent coat of luminescent scales is just one part of the ancient myth that continues to inspire and endure. A tap of the striker on the dragon-incised Ting-sha produces a lovely tone and is a great way to call friends, family or students together for a meal or event. The Ting-sha floating over a brass cone base calls to mind a reclusive and meditative monk. Set in hand-turned wooden base. (2 1/2H x 5”l, w/striker)

Product Features

  • Chime
  • Bell
  • Ritual
  • Buddhist
  • Tibetan