SPECIFICATIONS: Compact Design. Soft Rubber Fluted Volume Knob. Powered Active Preamp. Long Life Lithium Battery (included). Mounting Hardware (included). 1/4″ Input Jack with Preamp Switch Activation. Built-in Highly Sensitive Omnidirectional Pickup Mic. Effect Pedal Compatibility. Made in the USA. Patents Pending.

Product Features

  • MYERS PICKUPS: Versatile, Multi-Instrument, Powered Pickup! The smallest (all-in-one) active/preamp pickup on the market today! Complete out of the box, plug in and play! All hardware included for 3 mounting options including the NEW “GRIP”! Instantly turn your instrument into an acoustic/electric instrument with VOLUME! Compatible with almost any musical instrument! Made in the USA. My promise to you: “Our company is built on integrity and quality. If you are not 100% SATISFIED with this pickup, I will gladly refund your money with no questions asked!” ~ Gregg Myers, President/Owner of Myers Pickups
  • TESTIMONIALS: “The pickup arrived this afternoon, a day ahead of schedule. It is everything you say it is. The sound is true to the instrument. You’ll think you’re listening to a high quality recording of yourself when you try it!” Wes ~ New York, NY “The pickup works great, better than expected. I have it on my eight string ukulele and it captures both lows and highs!” Matthew ~ Hawaii “I received my pickup and it’s in perfect working condition. I’ve played around with it for a few hours total over the past week and have been impressed by its abilities. I must say, you make a good product. The instructions sheet and extra attachment methods provided were the icing on the cake. Thanks again for your top notch customer service and your great little product!” Ryan ~ MI “I used it twice over the weekend. The high end sounds awesome! I also plugged it into a DI Box, so I am able to plug into a snake with a XLR cable before going into the board. Everyone was commenting. I like it!” Thom ~ Ontario, Canada “This pickup kicks! Awesome piece of hardware!!” Garrick ~ Comfort, TX
  • MORE REVIEWS: “Awesome! Honestly can’t say anything else. Best I’ve tried!” Julio ~ Waterbury, CT “GREAT product! This pickup ROCKS!” Dave ~ Fort Thomas, KY “I am totally impressed with this product. I attach it to my resonator guitars, thereby, I don’t have to tote another mic and cord. I love it! I also promote it to others. Thanks for a great, simple product.” John ~ Woodstock, IL “AWESOME TOOL! Probably the best pickup I’ve used in years!!” Krys ~ Seattle, WA “The sound is clear and picks up only the sounds that I want to amplify.” Chase ~ Huntington Beach, CA “I just received the pickup last night and tested it with a guitar amp. This thing is REALLY cool!! So compact and easy!” I am really excited about it!! Ryan ~ Lynden, WA “The Myers pickup is a must have for all musicians needing instrument amplification. The small size and quick and easy operation makes it perfect for many pickup needs from acoustic instruments to drums. This versatile pickup should be in every musician’s arsenal.” David ~ Boise, Idaho
  • HOW IT WORKS: Mount pickup to your desired location on your instrument. Insert cable from your PA system or amplifier into the 1/4″ input jack located on the side of the pickup. As the 1/4″ plug is inserted into the input jack, the preamp is activated by an internal miniature switch inside which powers up and becomes active. The sound is transmitted through a highly sensitive omnidirectional pickup mic (located on to oppisite side of the input jack) and sent to your amplifier or PA system. Adjust volume to your desired level, play and enjoy!!!