Material: paint aluminum + wood
Size: approx.16.14 x 6.89 x 1.77 inch

Warning attention:
For children more than 3 years old, the kids must be accompanied by their parents to play the xylophone toy.

Package Including:
1 x 15 Tones Xylophone Toy with blue box
2 x wood mallet

Product Features

  • Non-toxic and Safety Materials: aluminum material and durable wood mallet with wooden fragrance won’t hurt the finger.
  • Superior design:each picture and the shape of the toy design is by the Milan and London toy design studio design.combine white and blue,it can catch the attention of the children.
  • Clear and pure voice:familiar with piano,the sound of the glockenspiel is created by the mental lath.But it has resonance tube under each steel bar,which can enlarge the voice and make the sound clear and pure.
  • Benefit:this 15 Tones Xylophone can exercise the ability of coordination.It can plays a splendid music by the coordination of the hands and eyes.Besides,during the play,you can exercise your arms too.
  • 15 Tone Xylophone: The 15-inch pallet piano corresponds to the different scale of music, different music and music experience which can enhance the emotional intelligence. The ultimate crisp sound will make people feel pleasure and cultivate music literacy.