The vision behind this cigar box guitar was to build a great-sounding, fun-to-play instrument that we could sell at a crazy low price. To do that, we went with a “stick on box” method of neck mounting, a straight headstock, and a single sound-hole. What sets this instrument apart though is the innovative “flying bridge”, which transfers the string vibrations around the neck and down to the box lid, which in our (fairly crude) testing almost doubled the volume! The result is a great-sounding, fun-to-play and highly affordable cigar box guitar that we are proud to offer under the C. B. Gitty brand name!

Built in C. B. Gitty’s workshop, located in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire, USA, these are great cigar box instruments – if you have been looking for a great-sounding, well-made cigar box guitar that you can tune up and start playing right out of the box, then look no further!

Check out the great features and specifications of these guitars below. Please note that these are handmade instruments, and that the appearance of individual instruments may vary somewhat due to differences in wood grains, etc. There may also be minor differences in hardware, but overall these are identical cigar box guitars. The instrument shown in the photographs is representative of this model and is not the exact guitar you will receive.

**** Features: Beautiful Paper-covered Arturo Fuente “Chateau Fuente” Cigar Box; Open-gear Tuners with pearloid buttons; Beautiful oiled American White Ash neck; Hand-marked fret markers; Shiny brass sound hole insert; Threaded nut; Hard Maple “Flying Bridge” designed by C. B. Gitty; Black string ferrules. **** Specifications: Scale Length: 25″; Overall Length: 36″; Box Size: 9 1/2″ W x 9 3/4″ H x 1 3/8″ D; Number of Strings: 3; Intended Tuning: G D G; Fretted: No; Neck Wood: White Ash; Pickup Style: None.

Product Features

  • Beautiful hand-made in the USA Cigar Box Guitar
  • Great acoustic sound from basic “stick on box” design
  • Beautiful big Arturo Fuente “Chateau Fuente” Cigar Box
  • Innovative “Flying Bridge” allows for almost double the volume over standard “stick on box” models
  • Unfretted, HIGH ACTION instrument set up for slide playing.