Our varnished model made from premium biriba wood straight from the banks of Bahia. Biriba wood possesses a few characteristics that make it ideal for building berimbaus: strength and flexibility with resistence. This unique combination give it the ability to be bent and strung with enough resistence to keep the wire taut and produce a full, solid sound. All berimbaus are shipped pre-married and complete with an arame, baqueta, caixixi, stone dobrão, and matching cabaça.

Product Features

  • Viola Tone Is Has The Highest Tone and Is Slightly Harder To String Due To The Stiffer Verga
  • Made From Traditional Biriba Wood Straight From the Banks of Bahia in Brazil
  • Complete with Verga, Cabaca (gourd), Arame (wire), Rock (Dobrao), Baqueta(Small Stick), and Caixixi (Shaker)
  • Each Berimbau Is Strung, Tested, and Married or Matched to The Ideal Cabaca To Ensure The Best Sound Quality.
  • Made By Capoeiristas For Capoeiristas