Premium sound and aesthetic beauty meet in our beautifully pirographed berimbaus. Made from biriba wood and handcrafted in Bahia, our pirographed berimbaus are carefully detailed by professional Brazilian artisans without compromising sound quality or durability. Each berimbau features unique pirographed markings and engraved workmanship that vary by berimbau. All berimbaus are shipped pre-married and complete with an arame, natural baqueta, caixixi, stone dobrão, and matching cabaça. Because each pirographed design is unique, patterns may vary from photo.

Product Features

  • Gunga Tone Is The Easiest ToString and Produces The Lowest or Base Tone Due To The High Flexibility Of The Verga
  • Made From Traditional Biriba Wood Straight From the Banks of Bahia in Brazil
  • Complete with Verga, Cabaca (gourd), Arame (wire), Rock (Dobrao), Baqueta(Small Stick), and Caixixi (Shaker)
  • Each Berimbau Is Strung, Tested, and Married or Matched to The Ideal Cabaca To Ensure The Best Sound Quality.
  • Made By Capoeiristas For Capoeiristas