Please, pay your attention on the following facts: If you wish to buy an original accordion (bayan) and receive it in a fully working condition to play it right away and take pleasure in it, we do recommend you to deal only with professionals, like our musical workshop “Harmony”. Purchasing accordions from unknown, unchecked accordion sellers or private persons, you take risk: Firstly, you will receive a brand new original musical instrument from the company “Tulskaya Garmon”. Prior to the sale of, all the accordions (bayans) undergo a multistage check and are delivered to the buyer in absolute safety. Secondly, we use only an elaborated and checked throughout the years technology of accordion package, due to which they always arrive ‘safe and sound’ in a fully working condition, regardless of what spot on the globe you are in. Please, keep in mind, that an accordion can suffer a considerable damage because of a wrong package or non-observance of rules, even if it is sent to you from a nearby city. Buying an accordion in our musical workshop “Harmony”, you are guaranteed to get an original accordion, which is represented in photographs in 100% working condition. We appreciate every our client. ————– Shipping ————– We ship Worldwide without any permission. We will make professional package with a lot of foam-rubber. Shipping to Europe usually takes 5-12 working days with regular post service work. Shipping to the USA usually takes 10-18 days with regular post service work. Worldwide shipping usually takes 7-28 days. For more than ten years of our musical workshop “Harmony” existence, we have received an army of customers sincerely grateful to us. Do not miss your chance to become the proud owner of an excellent musical instrument.

Product Features

  • Brand NEW Russian Chromatic Button Accordion, Bayan, for Children or Beginner, Tula Bn 56, 3 Rows, 30 Bass, Light Weight, Free Bass
  • Welcome to musical workshop “Harmony” Our licensed musical workshop “Harmony” is an official dealer of the factory «Tulskaya Garmon». You have an excellent opportunity to purchase brand new, exclusively original garmons and bayans manufactured at the factory «Tulskaya Garmon», the highest quality for reasonable price. Buying garmons and bayans from us, you can be absolutely sure that they are going to serve you perfectly today, tomorrow and years from now!
  • Bayan plays wonderfully! Bayan has powerful and rich bass sound and very beautiful treble sound!
  • Characteristics: • Bayan BN-56 «Tula – BN-56», one-tone 30х30-I • Brand New • excellent for beginner or kids • Treble: 3 Rows, 30 Buttons • Bass: 3 Rows, 30 Buttons • Free Bass • WEIGHT: 3.90kg / 8.60pounds • Dimensions 330х180х325mm or 13.0×7.1×12.8inches • comes with original soft case and original straps • Finest quality
  • Prior to the sale of, all the accordions (bayans) undergo a multistage check and are delivered to the buyer in absolute safety. Please note that the design on the instruments may insignificantly differ from the samples submitted in our shop. COLOR CHOICE! In our shop you can buy this bayan in five colors: red, green, black, blue, white. Please leave your choice of color in the message when purchasing. If we do not receive a message, you will get bayan in color showing in the picture!