Ever stared in wonder at one of those huge old analog synths and thought, I wish my guitar could do that? If having one of those sitting on stage with you, or even altering your favorite axe to get a decent replication of those sounds is way more than you’re willing to commit to, you’re in luck. Boss has come to your rescue with the SY-300 analog-style electric guitar synthesizer. And you can access all of the high-quality power of those heavy-hitting synths through your standard 1/4″ instrument cable. Add sonic exploration to your signature sounds with the SY-300.

Product Features

  • Play rich and expressive polyphonic synth tones with any guitarPlay rich and expressive polyphonic synth tones with any guitar
  • 3 simultaneous synth sections and four effects processors
  • Shape your normal guitar tone with synth filters, amplifiers, and LFOs to create all-new sounds
  • 70 ready-to-play preset patches and 99 user patches for storing custom sounds
  • Create and archive sounds on your computer with the BOSS Tone Studio editor/librarian and download new sounds at BOSS Tone Central