24 Holes
Key: C
Color: Silvery
Dimensions: (7.2x 1.18x 0.9)” / (183x 30 x 23)mm(L x W x H)
weight: 162g
Material: environmental protection resin and high-quality stainless steel cover plate.

The following are a few tips for taking care of your harmonica:
– Do not drink sticky, heavy drinks before playing.
– Rinse your mouth out well, wash your hands, or brush your teeth if necessary, before playing the harmonica.
– Keep your harmonica in the box or in some other clean place if you are not playing.
– Tap your harmonica out gently after playing, tapping out the excess saliva – holes down.
– DO NOT LET OTHERS PLAY YOUR HARMONICA – unless it is someone you do not mind kissing – because you are definitely kissing your harmonica every time you play!
– Be aware that “bending” notes – though it can sound great – may literally bend the reeds out of tune – do not force the reeds when you bend them, use finesse.
– Keep your harmonica away from heat or direct sunshine.
– DO NOT wash your harmonica with hot water, alcohol, or other chemical reagent.

Package included:
1 x Harmonica
1 x Wipe Cloth
1 x Harmonica box
1 x Harmonica bags
1 x Instructions

Product Features

  • Cover plate: select stainless steel material, high strength, not easy to deformation, adopt advanced laser technology, beautiful and fashion.
  • Tone spring: manual adjustment, the quality sensitivity and brightness of the sound are over 20% better than ordinary tone spring.
  • Harmonicas head: the compact structure for harmonicas head is consist of environmental protection resin + high-quality stainless steel cover plate, reasonable, feel smooth. At the same time, the air tightness is guaranteed, even if your lip touched, there will not be any uncomfortable feeling.
  • Harmonicas at the end: classical harmonicas structure, unique double row hole design, multi point support harmonicas, achieve the beautiful at the same time realize good air tightness, its resonance, with vibration outstanding performance, make the sound full, mellow!
  • Mouthpiece: the double blow hole design, can effectively control the blowing and suction flow, make the sound full and have levels.