BORDER PIPES MADE OF COCOBOLO WOOD IN THE KEY OF “A” & Bb READY TO PLAY COMPLETE KIT WITH ALL ACCESSORIES This historic instrument has many attractions for Highland pipers and folk musicians. This instrument normally play in the tune of Bb, but if you pulled the drones Outwards You will get the drones tune to key of A. This model produce two tunes in one set. The chanter is in the key of Bb or A and Can be played with the same fingering as the Highland pipe chanter, also with covered finger holes. We offer two chanters with lowland pipe one is in the key of A, & the other will be in the key of Bb. By this you can play your whole set in two keys. It is normally played with bellows, however blowpipe is also available instead of bellows. There are three drones comprising of a bass, baritone and tenor, set in a single stock, which can either be played over the shoulder or across the knee. Special offer we ship two chanters with lowland pipes one in the key of A and second is Bb Chanter both uses Cane reed. Description This model is Mouth blown version. Natural Finish Just Waxed Fully polished bores for easy, responsive & smooth pressure. Ready to play with a long-life, 100% air-tight SYNTHETIC Bag. Swan neck. One set of Practice drone reeds Bb Pipe chanter with 1 cane reed A Pipe chanter with 1 cane reed Soft Padded Carrying case; light weight and easy to carry Green velvet bag cover with green fringe The reeds supplied with the set are practice reeds, If you want an extra professional performance for events then buy and add Ezee drone reeds which pipe dreams manufacture for our small-pipes, direct drone reeds link:-

Product Features

  • Border Pipes in the key of A and Bb
  • The key of the A chanter is A 440, & Bb Chanter is Bb 440, both chanters included
  • Made of Cocobolo wood
  • Complete with Practice reeds