Many woodwind players spend the better part of their playing careers trying to find the perfect Mouthpiece-Ligature-reed combination. BG France has designed a Ligature to put those struggles to rest. Their line of leather Ligatures; including the Standard, Revelation Jazz, and Super Revelation, truly have a Ligature for anyone. These nearly indestructible Ligatures are made from Arundo Donax wild cane fabric, making them strong flexible and a carefree option for the musician on the go. Inverted screw placement means the integral part of the Ligature making contact and supporting the reed is not affected by uneven pressure. Coming in three options (and pictured in order respectively), the BG France Standard Ligature is ideal for most ensemble and chamber work, making it the most universally sought after. The synthetic fabric gives a darker more rounded sound while still remaining remarkably free blowing and open. The Revelation Jazz, with it’s metal reed plate is excellent for Smaller groups or when playing in a more intimate setting, with a brighter feel allowing for more articulated response.

Product Features

  • Dark Focused Sound
  • Open and Free Blowing
  • Inverted Screw Placement