The Classic Wood Egg Shakers are the best set of shakers on Amazon complete with a velvet carry bag. Also known as egg maracas, they are great for music in the classroom and are excellent to teach rhythmic patterns to children.

Material: Wood
Size: 2.56″ X 1.58″
Color: Assorted Colors

What is included?
*Six (6) Egg Shakers
*One (1) Carry bag

Buy one to keep and one to share. They make excellent gifts and classroom sets.

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Product Features

  • VERSATILE and WELL MADE: Made of wood. Beautifully painted. The sound is pleasing to kids, but not annoying to adults. Assorted colors and painted designs. Size: 2.56″ X 1.58″
  • MUSIC TEACHERS LOVE THEM: Helps promote hand and eye coordination. Teachers will find that egg shakers or are a fun, easy, and affordable way to develop a young student’s sense of rhythm
  • BONUS VELVET CARRY BAG INCLUDED: Makes it easy to carry and store.
  • CHILDREN LOVE THEM: Great for children to develop a sense of rhythm. – Ideal for mom and me music time, motivate young musicians with a fun and colorful shaker.
  • RECOMMENDED USES: Perfect for secondary pupils or primary pupils, toddler clubs, church groups, percussion ensembles, or even educational play.