This K&M Bundle Includes:

• Behringer DeepMind 12 – True Analog 12-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer with Tablet Remote and Wi-Fi
• Behringer DEEPMIND 12-TB Deluxe Water-Resistant Transport Bag for DeepMind 12

The DeepMind 12 from Behringer is a true analog 12-voice polyphonic synthesizer well suited for professional musicians, synthesizer enthusiasts, or anyone looking to conjure up virtually any sound imaginable with finesse and ease. With two oscillators and two LFOs per voice, three ADSR envelope generators, four FX engines, an 8-channel modulation matrix, and a 32-step control sequencer, the DeepMind 12 offers complete control over your soundscape. Plus, the instrument features comprehensive remote control via iOS/Windows/Mac OS and selected Android apps over USB, MIDI, or via the built-in Wi-Fi.

Oscillator 1 generates sawtooth and square/pulse waveforms with pulse-width modulation, while oscillator 2 generates square/pulse waveforms with a unique tone modulation. With 24 oscillators at your disposal, a vast range of options becomes available. Additionally, the instrument features sync, oscillator drift, and parameter drift, which help create the much-sought-after warmth and movement found in vintage analog synthesizers, but with improved stability and reliability.

The Behringer DEEPMIND 12-TB is a deluxe water-resistant transport bag designed to protect the DeepMind 12 synthesizer from the rigors of on-the-road wear and tear. The multi-layered nylon outer material protects against dirt and dust, while the thick interior padding provides protection to the keys, knobs, and sliders. A large, zippered accessory pocket keeps your cables and essentials organized and easily accessible. The bag features built-in carrying handles and includes a detachable shoulder strap.

Product Features

  • This K&M Bundle comes with the Behringer Deepmind12 Synthesizer and the Behringer Deepmind12TB Transport Bag.
  • In the DEEPMIND12 Box: Behringer DeepMind 12 – True Analog 12-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer, Power Cord, Limited 1-Year Warranty, Extendable to 3 Years with Registration.
  • Product Highlights DEEPMIND12 Synthesizer: 49 Full-Size Keys with Vel and AT, Two Oscillators and Two LFOs per Voice, Three ADSR Envelope Generators per Voice, Four FX Engines, 8-Channel Modulation Matrix Including FX, 19 Sources and 130 Destinations, 32-Step Control Sequencer, Full Remote Control via iOS/Windows/Mac OS, Built-In Wi-Fi Access, 1024 User-Program Memories.
  • In the DEEPMIND12TB Box: Behringer DEEPMIND 12-TB Deluxe Water-Resistant Transport Bag for DeepMind 12, Shoulder Strap, Limited 90-Day Warranty with Registration.