This 13 pipes pan flute is great for beginners! This pan flute includes the book + online audio/videos “You can teach yourself the pan flute” by Costel Puscoiu. This book is an excellent introduction to the pan flute. The lessons provided are fun and easy, and will have you playing pan flute in no time! Includes access to online audio, video The book includes music sheets of popular songs as “Amazing grace”, “O sole mio”,”Swanlake”,”Symphony No 40″. Pan Flute Oil Panpipes oil from natural, non-mineral oil. Reduces cracking of the tubes due to drying of the wood. Protects the bamboo from the acids in the breath and prevents mold growth. Consistent care with La Tromba Pan Flute Oil prolongs the life of your panpipes significantly.

Product Features

  • Tuned G major 440 hz
  • Luthier: Jose Chacon
  • Measures: Long pipe 6 inches | Short pipe 2 inches
  • From largest to smallest: D5 E5 F#5 G5 A5 B5 C6 D6 E6 F#6 G6 A6 B6
  • Wool case included, book & pan flute oil for pipes preservation included