♪♪ Please note this is a toy ukulele, although it can play, but you can’t use it as a real ukulele.

♪♪ It is perfect for entry level learning, practicing and playing, teaching young kids about basic rhythm, strumming, and other musical techniques.

♪♪ Ukulele Finger Table Method

You need to press first-string third-frame for C chord. You can press the chord by the left hand and press four strings in turn by right hand, thereby ensuring clear sound of four strings.

You should practice frequently, and press the string by fingertips as far as possible. You can discover your most comfortable points of strength.

♪♪ How to maintain?

Play your Ukulele frequently, playing is the best way to protect your ukulele.

Do not throw the Ukulele from high place, do not swing it, and please avoid cracking under the effect of huge force.

Please flush and wipe the Ukulele with flowing clean water, and remove the dirt attached to the surface of toy.

♪♪ Package List

1 * Ukulele

1 * Ukulele Tuner

1 * Ukulele Bag

2 * Plectrum

4 * Spare Strings

Product Features

  • 【Beginner Ukulele】 : For beginners to buy this simulation ukulele guitar, children more easily grasp. Its function and structure of the following points: Accurate intonation, Excellent string, Opening tuning keys, Round sound hole and Arch-shaped back panel.
  • 【Educational Toy】 : Design by our hearts, bring your baby joy and happiness. You can gradually develop children’s musical theory of cognition, the sweet music can simulate the children’s memory training, Auditory development, Hand-eye coordination development, EQ cultivation.
  • 【Durable Toy】 : High Quality Strings: Strings of nylon material is flexible, soft and smooth tactility, and not scratching hands with small friction resistance. Bridge: The design of bridge delivers the complete frequency effectively, and also delivers the rich timbre. Arch-shaped Back Panel: It can help turning up the volume, increase the resonance and improve the timbre.
  • 【Ukulele Kit】 : The package includes 4 necessary accessories like Ukulele Tuner, Ukulele Case, 4 Spare Strings, 2 Plectrum. You need not buy other things. Recommends for 3+ ages boys and girls. Great start for a toddler interested in making sounds.
  • 【Customer Service】 : Our product has been checked very carefully, you need not worry the quality. If any questions, please contact us firstly, we will response your message at the first time we know that. We also offer 30 days refund and 90 days return policy.