Lico ukulele design of each arc, every detail processing, and the selection of materials for each part, the combination of excellence, fine work, meticulous.

♬♬ It is perfect for entry level learning, practicing and playing, teaching young kids about basic rhythm, strumming, and other musical techniques.


The Lico ukulele features full Sapele body and a neck made of premium-quality Spalele. Suffice to say, these materials provide an incredibly warm, rich tone atop the lightweight qualities, making it absolutely perfect for beginners. Meanwhile, these tuning gears won’t let your strings go out of tune anytime soon, they’re pretty easy to use. Lastly, a set of Aquila strings on a model such as this.


Unique design on fingerboard and bridge provide both sturdy construct and smooth touch that you can roll over the frets freely on the nylon strings whether playing chords or single notes. Easy play without buzzing.


The ukuleles have a bright and warm sound. With soprano size, Sapele body, and white nylon strings, this thing is warmer than the sun. Furthermore, the body looked to be satin and light, it has a very nice paint job on the side, with no flaws, the way the wood was cut it has an almost striped zebra type look to it that makes it unique and beautiful.


Package includes free and high-quality gig bag, strap, digital tuner, medium picks and extra Aquila strings. Smartest choice for learners as it offers everything needed.What’s more, we offer 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE within TWO month and extra ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Our Lico ukulele will be an excellent gift for music lovers.

Product Features

  • ♬♬ 【GOOD FOR BEGINNERS】Of perfect size and weight, Lico ukulele is an intuitive instrument suitable for beginners of all ages, children or adults, novices or professionals. It allows you to easily change strings and makes sure the playing tone great. Our Lico ukulele is your best choice.
  • ♬♬【EDUCATIONAL TOY】Design by our hearts, bring your baby joy and happiness. You can gradually develop children’s musical theory of cognition, the sweet music can simulate the children’s memory training, hearing improvement, intelligence inspiration, auditory development, Hand-eye coordination development, EQ cultivation.
  • ♬♬ 【UNIQUE & DURABLE DESIGN】Lico Ukulele features a Sapele body, champion-style friction pegs, Sapele bridge, dot inlays, and Martin white nylon strings. Top, back, side and neck with matte finished, which provides a sharp-looking and comfortable feeling. Fingerboard and bridge provide both sturdy construct and smooth touch.
  • ♬♬ 【ACCURATE & GREAT SOUND QUALITY】Sounds so much better than your cheap soprano ukulele, and very close to your high end ukuleles! Features an Arched Back to give longer sustain & fuller sound! Always stay in tune after tuning. Can use the included easy-to-apply clip-on tuner to tune your ukulele at any time as necessary.
  • ♬♬ 【COME WITH FREE NECESSARY ACCESSARIES】The waterproof nylon bag offers great protection and portability; The clip-on tuner helps you to tune easily; The hook-in strap allows you to play in standing position; The extra string gives you one more choice. What’s more, we offer 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE within TWO month and extra ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Our Lico ukulele will be an excellent gift for music lovers.