Want to learn how to play a musical instrument quickly? GET THE BEE JOY 21″ UKULELE! A ukulele with rainbow-colored strings to identify notes easily. What makes the BEE JOY best for beginners? ALL IN ONE SET: Great for beginners & novice players TOP QUALITY: Made of basswood, solid wood, & blackwood COLOR CODED: 4 strings for each note (red, yellow, green, & blue) EXTRA STRINGS: 4 all-white replacement strings ASSEMBLED: Ready to use out of the box BOXED: Ready for gifting SPECIAL GIFTS INCLUDED! In addition to getting 4 COLORED & 4 WHITE STRINGS, also added are: 1 FINGER SHAKER – Make musical Hawaiian sounds with the shake of your hand with this cylindrical unit that has composite steel balls & a smooth, elastic rubber band for an easy grip 1 STRUMMING PICK – Use to strum & pick the strings with no fatigue to your fingers & hands 1 COLORFUL CARRY STRAP – Bright geometric design on a padded nylon strap that is adjustable, making the unit easy to play & carry 1 KEY CHAIN – Show your love with a miniature ukulele on an O-ring with chain The BEE JOY UKULELE is ideal for beginner players! CONTENTS: 1 Ukulele – 21″ 4 Rainbow Strings 4 White Strings 1 Shaker 1 Pick 1 Strap 1 Keychain 1 Gift Box SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ~ RISK-FREE! Click the “ADD TO CART” button to get the BEE JOY 21″ UKULELE Have fun learning to play the ukulele! Music HM-21PK

Product Features

  • 🎶BEST GIFT FOR BEGINNER MUSICIANS: The BEE JOY UKULELE is the perfect instrument for novices to start leaning as it has multi-colored strings that produce crisp, sharp sounds; the all-wood ukulele comes with extra strings, a finger shaker, pick, carry strap, and keychain with a miniature ukelele in a gift box, ready for giving to the beginner musician in your life; the unit measures 22.16 by 8.6 by 4.6 inches
  • 🎶HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: The amazing BEE JOY 21-INCH TRADITIONAL UKULELE with stained-red siding combines basswood for the body, solid wood for the neck, and blackwood for the fingerboard and bridge; its nylon strings and eco-friendly design will make it your favorite musical instrument; the accessories are made of BPA-free ABS plastic and metal, and the carry strap is a hand-washable padded nylon fabric
  • 🎶FUN TO LEARN AT ANY AGE: Our magnificent BEE JOY 4-STRING MUSICAL INSTRUMENT is well designed for beginners as it features multi-color strings, with each color representing a different note to easily remember and speed up the learning process, making it enjoyable; most string instruments initially need time to adjust to the climate and such; continue tuning it every time if it is off key, and eventually it will adjust
  • 🎶BONUSES INCLUDED: With every BEE JOY UKULELE that includes 4 rainbow strings, also added are 4 white replacement strings, a cylindrical finger shaker with composite steel balls inside and a smooth, elastic rubber band for easy grip that adds rhythm and produces a Hawaiian sound, a strumming pick, adjustable colorful nylon shoulder strap with double layers in a geometric pattern, and a ukulele key chain on an O ring
  • 🎶SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We know you will be impressed with our product and high-quality customer service, but if you have any issues, please contact us immediately so we can rectify the situation quickly; BUY WITH CONFIDENCE the BEE JOY 21″ UKULELE that comes with Rainbow Strings, Replacement Strings, Finger Shaker, Ukulele Pick, Colorful Shoulder Strap, and Ukulele Key Chain and become a novice player with ease