BEAUTIFUL PRO-GRADE BLACK INDIAN SHRUTI BOX HARMONIUM DRONE 13 RANGE C-C Item No:- MI 066 Description:- CLASSIC BLACK SHRUTI BOX SURPETI TEAKWOOD 13 STOPPERS,BEAUTIFUL PRO-GRADE INDIAN SHRUTI BOX HARMONIUM DRONE. 13 STOPPER BEAUTY. FULL RANGE: C – C’ 13 Palitana Reeds, Hindustani Model, With Carrying Case. Top quality teakwood, branded beauty. Fantastic sound. (Please Note:- If an item is sold then the handling time of that particular item will be around 10 – 15 days approximately. If having any querry or doubt please mail us on the registered mail id )

Product Features

  • 100% Genuine with no defects.
  • Crafted with care, by articents & craftsman.
  • Proudly Made in India.
  • Care Instructions : Wipe the product with clean and dry cloth.