Product description
This excellent Bb Clarinet by CONLINK will make your performance even better in various music styles. With high standard of craftsmanship, this Clarinet is so easy to blow for the full range that produces both various and wonderful tone, greatly highlighting your music. CONLINK confidently recommend: this Clarinet will offer much pleasure to your practice and performance.
Item specifics
Style: Classic
Type: Clarinet
Color: Black
Material: Bakelite
Product Dimension
Length: 26.4 inches
Bell: 3.1 inches
Package Content
1×Cleaning Cloth
2×White Glove
1×Clarinet Case

Product Features

  • ♫ EXCELLENT MATERIAL-High-grade ABS resin black body with wood grain finish and nickel plated keys,fine workmanship, excellent timbre,easy maintenance and durable
  • ♫ LOWER SECTION TUBE/UPPER -Accurate positioning of the sound hole to ensure intonation,nickel copper key, not easy to shun bad
  • ♫ ANTI-PAINT-OFF-Nickel plated silver keys, surface anti-corrosion, brass button Paint face, not easy to lose paint
  • ♫ SCREW AND SPRING NEEDLE -Two screws fixed this reed to make this clarinet more durable.Grilled Blue spring needle, play to feel comfortable, strong and lasting, the finger bracket humanized design, it can hang strap, height can be adjusted
  • ♫ FLARE DESIGN-Built-in tuning ring, when you play the clarinet, the timbre will be more vigorous and better