L g ¨re bassoon reeds have all the depth and warmth that elite players demand. Made from specially prepared synthetic material, they deliver all the advantages of a traditional L g ¨re reed; consistency, durability and an instant response.

L g ¨re reeds are made from polypropylene, which is approved by the FDA for use in direct food contact applications.

L g ¨re bassoon reeds are cut from Lg ¨res own unique polymer on 3-axis, computer-controlled precision cutting machines. L g ¨re can also measure their reeds with extreme precision using computer-controlled equipment, allowing a very tight quality control.

The reeds are cut in halves using customized profiles based on a mathematical description of a reed profile rather than a model or prototype. The halves are then bonded together again using a digitally controlled system. The result is a reed that is perfectly balanced in both blades, and has just the right combination of tip thickness, heart, and flexibility.

Product Features

  • Bassoon Synthetic Reed