Bartolini HR5.3 A/P-918 Preamp Harness – Volume-Blend-Mid-Treble-Bass-HR5.3 A/P-918

Bartolini complete harness, Volume – Blend – Mid (w/switch) – Treble – Bass (HR5.3 A/P-918 3-band Preamp/ Tone Control Module) – always active

Take your bass to the next level with Bartolini’s HR5.3 A/P-918 Preamp Harness. Configurations are already preset and wireing is all pre-connected! Just follow the simple instructions and add a battery and you’re set for the next gig.

This set comes with:

  • Midrange Potentiometer
  • Bass Potentiometer
  • Treble Potentiometer
  • Configurations for both 9V and 18V
  • Three position toggle Switch
  • Three position EQ
  • Volume Control that includes Active and Passive switch along with a Push and Pull System

Product Features

  • Saves the time and aggravation of wiring your pre-amp and pots into your instrument.
  • Industry leading pre-amps and premium audio-quality potentiometers with smooth control and ready for years of rugged use
  • Two holes for Volume control: Volume-Volume (Active/Passive push-pull switch on 2nd. Volume knob).
  • Four holes for Tone control: Treble-Mid (+ 3 freq toggle switch) – Bass.