Baroque Style SONG Brand concert 7 string 14″ viola da gamba,powerful sound #10442
Quite loud and perfect sound
Sweet,rich and deep tone
European spruce top
flamed maple back,ribs
It’s best to treasure up and playing
Best Spruce Top with the even grain, Natural dried 15 years
Best Flamed maple Back , Neck and Ribs, Natural dried 15 years
Excellent Condition- no cracks, no repairs, no damage.
Ebony pegs
Free with high quality soft bag
Free Good Bow
The tunig key from the low to high is: ADGCEAD
Notice: We don’t find the exact strings for the viola da gamba, so its strings we seted aren’t right, please put the right Nylon strings or the casing strings on it by yourself. Please understand.
Overall length: 24 3/4″
The belly length: 14″
The scale length : 13″
The width between adjacent string on the Nut is about 1 1/4″ ,the bridge width between adjacent string is about 1 3/4″

Product Features

  • viola da gamba,copy old gamba.7strings hand made gamba 14″