Colorful designs adrorn this handcrafted primitive insturment.  Hollow bamboo is filled with small stones, seeds and shells to produce a tranquil cascading sound reminiscent of a rain shower.  Traditionally used for ceremonial purposes, this shaker is a great percussion instrument and a powerful meditation tool.

The picture shows a sample of the assortment we carry. The one you receive may not be indentical to the pictures since the handpainted designs vary. Since the product is made of bamboo, it is natural for some cracks to be present. The rough hewn nature of these rainsticks is a characteristic of a handmade product and will not affect its durability.

Materials: Wood & Seeds

Dimensions: Aprox: 23.5″H x 6.5″Cir. x 2″D

Price per piece Handmade – Please allow for minor variations

Product Features

  • Handpainted by skilled artisans
  • Produces a nice, resonating sound
  • Perfect for any music lover
  • Price per piece- Assortment shown
  • Fair Trade Item