Lightweight, small, easy, comfortable and flight friendly! The Bagpiper Backpack Trolley is the perfect size for carrying your pipes on-board budget airlines or a quick and easy case between gigs. It features special pockets for the top sections of your drones, a special iPad/ Digital tablet sleeve, room for music books and additional pockets for all your piping accessories and travel documents. The bagpipes go in the main compartment while the drone tops get tucked in the padded pocket. The main pocket opens wide to store your pipes, while the smaller pocket also has additional sleeves for passports, tickets etc. Both the trolley handle and backpack straps can be stored away making the case look super smart and easy to store. We’ve also spent time ‘road testing’ our wheels making sure they’re strong, quiet (you know those cases that make lots of noise going through airports…) and robust. Store them, carry them or wheel them with a Bagpiper Backpack Trolley! This is the most popular bagpipe case!! So versatile! You can carry it as a case….or as a pack pack…..or as a pull along on wheels. It also comes with a special chanter protective tube you can slide your chanter with the chanter cap right into. Brilliant! BEST CASE EVER…..THIS ONE HAS IT ALL!

Product Features

  • trolley backpack