“Hedgehog” is our third version of the bagpipe case. We take few years to research, develop & upgrade with high quality, most comfortable & durable bagpipe cases (for the pipers) inspired by the comments from famous pipers worldwide. We still keep the light weight, improved durability and stronger protection for the bagpipe which is even suitable for piping lovers processing valuable bagpipes over a decade. We have also make the balance between protection and weight. Hedgehog is light but protective that we’re proud of Dimension : 25*8 1/2*11 inch, 64*22*28 cm. *Warranty : 3 years warranty which covers manufacturing defects in workmanship materials. Normal wear and tear may apply the repair cost. Both way shipping at your own expense. Our warranty does not cover repairs resulting from carrier damage, misuse or neglect of the product.

Product Features

  • PROTECTION : Built with hard board structure, excellent for storage and protection with 10mm of padded wall cover fully inside by the high density & supportive foam
  • OUTLOOK : Durable outer materials. Strong fabric, mostly used in suitcases make the case more durable. Handle :The case have 2 handles for easy carry by different ways
  • INSIDE : Bag pocket at the front panel. Easily access pockets on both sides fit for spare reeds, hemp, tuner and accessories etc. The drone velcro strap fix the pipes during transport. Soft fabric used for inside avoid scratches to the bagpipe and other accessories.
  • CARRY : 2-way handles- one at the top, the other at the side. The length of backpack strap can be adjusted & hidden.
  • NEW FEATURES :small pocket on the strap. You can store you key, cards etc inside the strap pocket. Extra padding in lower area to carry more comfortable. Brush-holder : Hook and holder for your drone brush. You can place you drone brush and take off quickly and tidy. OTHER : Free separate pocket, chanter tube and rain cover inside the case. Outer dimensions in Inch 25* 8 1/2* 11, in CM 64*22*28. Inter : 24* 6 1/4 *9 7/8 inch, 60.5*16* 25 cm Small bag Dimension : 12 *0.5*9.5 inch 31* 1.5*24 cm