The BlowPro is an innovative new device for serious pipers to assist them in development of their blowing, an advanced piping skill. åÊThe device goes into the user‰Ûªs pipe bag and reports bag pressure and temperature to the user in real time via a partner smartphone app, available at no charge on Apple‰Ûªs App Store. åÊThe app currently runs on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. System Requirements: A BlowPro Device A Zippered Pipe Bag An Iphone or iPad Running iOS 9.3 or later. Placed in the user‰Ûªs pipe bag, the BlowPro reports bag pressure and temperature to the app in real time. åÊThe app displays bag pressure graphically in two formats: as a metered deviation display; or as a real time graph. åÊBag temperature is reported numerically. Watch the iPhone or iPad screen to obtain performance data and improve your blowing performance. The app can also record the user’s blowing performance over time and present this in the form of a graph, or the data may be emailed to the user in a format suitable for import into popular spreadsheet or database programs. The BlowPro is powered by two 3-volt coin cell batteries and automatically “goes to sleep” to conserve power if you lay your pipes down or hold them still for 10 minutes. For product documentation and more information visit Each BlowPro is manufactured by hand in Burnaby, British Columbia.