Backun Bells bring much more flexibility, tonal variation, and response to your instrument. With Special complex tapers and selection of woods, Backun bells enable you to pick the sound you want. These hand crafted exotic wooden bells will forever change the way you play the clarinet! Each unique bell is finished by hand after the tapers and bodies have been cut using Computer Numeric Control machines. These machines allow for maximum accuracy and proper sizing of the tenons and tapers. The bell is then fitted with a custom made wooden ring that is applied using carbon fibre and special sealant. These bells are interchangeable unless you prefer a smaller bell for your A clarinet in which case select the “flat” bells instead of the traditional “rounded” variety.

Product Features

  • Backun Cocobolo Clarinet Bell
  • For Bb / A Clarinets
  • Traditional Style with Voicing Groove
  • Model 6LBCVG (Diameter 26.17mm, Depth 20.08mm)
  • The most afforable way to improve your clarinet’s tone and response. Used by professionals throughout the world.