The Bach A47MLR “La Rosa” model features an open wrap F attachment, a yellow brass, hand-hammered Artisan bell with flat rim and soldered steel wire, a reverse main tuning slide with gold brass crook, and a .547 bore hand slide with yellow brass outside tubes and bottom crook. Developed in cooperation with Massimo La Rosa.The Bach Stradivarius trombone 85-year tradition has been in bands and orchestras around the world for decades. Today, The Artisan Trombone Collection, takes the Bach Stradivarius trombone to the next level. With an intense focus on precision, The Artisan Trombone Collection offers superior performance. The result is endless possibilities for even the most discriminating artist.This instrument comes outfitted in an elegant case that combines classic Vincent Bach styling, contemporary materials and exceptional design.

Product Features

  • Open wrap F attachmentReverse main tuning slideYellow brass outside tubes and bottom crookElegant case