Introduce children to the sound of clear, accurate musical tones with this beautiful Swedish instrument. Mozart and Tchaikovsky used glockenspiels in their works, but you needn t be a musician to successfully teach children a melody or accompany a simple song on this instrument. Eight precision-tuned brass bars span one octave of whole notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C) on the diatonic (Western) scale; no sharps or flats. Base is very stable, with cork feet to prevent sliding and improve resonance. Made in Sweden. 9″ x 5″; includes two types of mallets for producing tonal variations. Ages 3 and up. Use instructions Demonstrate how a lightness of touch will create a pur sound. Children will be fascinated when they discover that the rubber mallet produce different sounds than the wood mallet. Many simple folk songs and nursery rhymes can be played on the glockenspiel. The names of the notes (C, D, A, etc.) are engraved on the brass bars for children who are not yet reading music in standard notation. Categories: Montessori Supplies Montessori Materials Music & Movement > Instruments

Product Features

  • Diatonic
  • 8 tone
  • Made in Sweden
  • First musical instrument for a child
  • Best way to tune your child’s ear